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This page covers a few of the common questions about our colloidal silver generators. These are questions that people usually email me about before purchasing a generator. Hopefully this will help you in your research or in deciding wether to buy our products.

Dan Cohran

1. How long do the electrodes last?

Answer: Normally, the electrodes will last from 6 months to a year, depending on how much silver you make, or how often. If you are going to make silver every day, you might consider purchasing an extra set of electrodes. If you are going to make a quart (or liter) per week for example, the electrodes should last about a year, sometimes longer  It has not been determined how many "gallons" a set of electrodes will make.

2. How long do the batteries in the DC-51 last?

Answer: That depends on how often you make colloidal silver, and on the quality or brand of batteries you use. If you only make colloidal silver once a week, they may last several months. If you make it every day, they may only last a month. The true answer will come as you use your own generator and become more familiar with it.

3. How many PPM's (parts per million) will these generators make?

Answer: The DC-51 and the AC-52 make an average of 15 to 20 PPM if the instructions are followed properly. Studies have shown that a solution of only 5 PPM is sufficient and effective for most health needs.

4. My colloidal silver turns brown or dark and milky while using the generator. Why is this?

Answer: Your water is contaminated with too many other particles. This is unsuitable for making CS. If your solution quickly turns brown or dark and milky, throw the solution out and start over with pure water. You MUST use distilled or demineralized water with as close to ZERO PPM's as possible BEFORE starting to make silver. This is why it is advisable to have a TDS (total dissolved solids) test meter on hand to test your water BEFORE making CS to ensure its purity.

5. Will CS kill good bacteria in my body as well as the bad?

Answer: Most manufacturers of CS and CS Generators will not address this question. The fact is, if you are taking large amounts of CS, yes it kills bad bacteria but will also kill much of the "good" bacteria in your digestive system. It is advisable, if you are taking a lot of CS for a chronic problem, that you supplement your diet with a good probiotic supplement with the multi-flora. The foundation of a healthy immune system begins with a healthy digestive system. It is important to have the good bacteria in our digestive system at all times. I recommend takng a probiotic supplement in between times of doses of CS if you're taking a lot of CS. However, smaller doses of CS should not harm an otherwise healthy digestive system.

6. Will CS turn my skin BLUE?

Answer: People often ask this question after seeing or hearing about the story of the "blue man" video circulating on the internet. The simple fact is, CS will NOT turn a person blue. One would have to consume gallons of highly concentrated CS per day for a long period of time, and even then if the skin condition called "argyria" occurs, it more often causes the skin to become slightly gray, not blue. But it would take massive doses of highly concentrated silver for this to even to begin occur. Even then, argyria itself is not life threatening.  The fact is, when CS is used according to proven methods and doses, not only is it NOT harmful, but indeed can be used to treat a host of ailments and diseases. Here is a simple thing to consider:  There are literally MILLIONS of people consuming various amounts of CS every day, and have for many years. Then WHY aren't there MILLIONS of "blue people" walking around out there? Get the point?  The "blue man" story was reportedly a hoax, perpetrated by a large drug company. The drug companies cannot make money on CS, and they know it competes with or against their drugs, and they simply do not want more people trying or using CS. They want everyone to use their drugs, and therefore increase their profits. Also, the FDA cannot (as yet anyway) regulate CS because it is a natural mineral supplement.

7. What is the best color for CS? Some people say clear, some say amber, which is best?

Answer: The color of a true colloidal silver should be amber, ranging from light yellow to a dark amber. The color range is due to variations in the process such as temperature, light exposure and types of water used. The links to the articles below will explain in more detail.


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